Thank you all ! |

What a statement we’ve made!



As one of the guys who mentioned an idea in a skype chat on 20 december 2011 , we did not expect such a massive enthousiasm and global participation. But that was the result.

It’s been a lot of work, for us to keep up with the details of all the events, but also for every party who organized their local event. Without the work of all the local communities this would not have gotten so huge. Thank you all, local organizers and offcourse the participants. What you / we did has been noticed.

We still have the huge task of documenting these events, but that will happen on also. Give us some time to gather and process all the info.

Kind regards, Salutations, Gruessen, Gegroet

The We Are Saab, We Are Many Team
Tim, Stephan, Roger, Nic


Thank you all ! |

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