How To (Not) Get Smart About Big Data


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If you are to believe the talk of twitter-town and its suburbs, due to the connectivity of numerous devices worldwide, we (will) also have available so much data, it is just waiting to be mined and will change how we do, well..,  just about everything. All this is being referred to as Big Data. The problem with all this data of course is the filtering.

There is a lot of noise, and despite improvements in Social Media monitoring, analytics tools/solutions and what have you, we will need a lot more powerful tools to connect the dots and see patterns. We may need Watson-like technology to automate these processes and then still the outcome is not sure.

Too Big?
And because Big Data is so BIG there’s a clear call for BIG companies to join efforts to explore and undoubtedly monetize it through building a ‘smarter’ planet (pun intended). And whilst…

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Over Profit-Marketing
Brigitte de Leeuw is sinds 2008 zelfstandig ondernemer en directeur van Profit-Marketing in Tilburg. Profit-Marketing is het bedrijf dat winst maakt voor uw onderneming door marketing en cross-channelmanagement. Zij heeft klanten als ING en Rabobank, maar werkt ook veel voor het MKB. De belangrijkste aandachtsgebieden van Brigitte de Leeuw zijn: Interim-management, marketing, communicatie, innovatie, designthinking, social media, coaching en trainingen.

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